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I am a 25-year-old adventurer with a love of the great outdoors and pushing my limits. This has led me to completing a series of adventures over the last few years: trekking across the wilderness of arctic Sweden with just reindeer for company, walking 500 and 1000 miles across France and Spain along ancient pilgrimage routes, summiting the highest peak in North Africa, and hitch-hiking to Morocco (amongst plenty of others!)

During 2017, my focus was on how to live an adventurous life while working full-time. As a result, I successfully summited my first 4000m mountain in North Africa, had a slightly less successful adventure in Arctic Norway, and learned the joy of sleeping in bivvy bag under the stars on a hillside in Oxfordshire!

This year, I returned to full-time adventuring as I set off on - and completed - my Kayaking the Continent expedition, a world first journey tandem kayaking 4,000km from London to the Black Sea in Romania with my friend Kate.


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