Kayaking the Continent

Kayaking on the River Thames

Happy New Year! You may have noticed that things have been seemingly rather quiet for me over the last few months. I can assure you that that has not been the case… Quite the opposite in fact! I’ve been busy researching, planning and training for my next mega adventure:

Kayaking the Continent

Towards the end of April, my friend Kate Culverwell and I will be setting off to tandem kayak from England to the Black Sea. This journey will see us paddle across the English Channel on day one, and through a total of thirteen countries and four capital cities. This world first expedition will take us approximately three-and-a-half to four months.

First and foremost, this expedition is raising money and awareness for Pancreatic Cancer Action, a cause very close to Kate's heart after she lost her father two years ago to this disease. Pancreatic cancer has a survival rate of just 2% to 5% - a figure that hasn't changed for nearly 50 years. It is set to be the 4th largest cancer killer in Europe, but the money raised by amazing people sponsoring our challenge can help change this statistic by funding much needed research into this disease.

You can sponsor us here!

We are also collaborating with FreshWater Watch, an EarthWatch research project investigating the health of global freshwater ecosystems on a scale never seen before. As we paddle our way across Europe this spring and summer, we will be taking water samples and measuring the water quality. We have our full training with them in a few weeks and we’ll be writing an update on our expedition website afterwards.

In the meantime, we’re training hard, on the water when time and weather permit it, and in the gym the rest of the time. We’ve got a lot of skills and fitness to gain before April but bit by bit we are gaining them and our confidence is slowly improving!

Want to know more?

The first step is to head over to our Kayaking the Continent website hereor our Instagram page here. These are the best places to follow our progress, both in the run-up to the expedition and while we’re away.

How can you get involved?

The five per cent survival rate of pancreatic cancer has barely changed in nearly 50 years. Stamping out late diagnosis can change this. Pancreatic Cancer Action relies on the generosity of people like you who donate to fund research into early diagnosis, educate medical professionals, increase awareness and support patients. See more of what they do here and sponsor us by clicking here.

We are also looking for sponsorship from businesses and organisations who are in a position to contribute towards the costs of the expedition, from the safety boat accompanying us across the English Channel to the food that will fuel us during this epic challenge. If you think your business may be in a position to offer us support, please get in touch by sending an email to hello@kayakingthecontinent.com.

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20171124_155826 (1)